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Zynde's FAQ

What is Zynde?

Zynde is a company based in Malaysia, a men’s hygiene brand dedicated to providing the highest quality products to help men look, feel, and smell their best.

Yes, Zynde offers free delivery for West Malaysia. For East Malaysia, there is a shipping fee of RM8 only, and for Singapore, the shipping fee is RM30.

No, we currently only offer international shipping for Singapore. We are working to expand our distribution network to other countries in the future.

Zynde Masculine Wash is a hygiene product specifically formulated for men. It is designed to restore and maintain the natural pH balance of the private part, preventing odor, itchiness, and discomfort.

The benefits of using Zynde Masculine Wash include improved well-being, improved testosterone, fresh menthol scent, pH balance control, and prevention of odor, itchiness, bacterial, and fungal infections.

After bathing, press an appropriate amount of foam onto your palm, clean the intimate area, leave it on for about 10-20 seconds, then rinse it off with clean water.

Zynde Masculine Wash can be used daily as part of your hygiene routine. Use it in the shower or bath, just like you would with regular soap. You might also use it before sex, to ensure a joyful experience.

Yes, Zynde Masculine Wash is safe for daily use. Its balanced pH formula is gentle on the skin, preventing irritation or other adverse reactions.

Zynde Masculine Wash is certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, free from banned drugs and harmful chemicals, as well as insured with product liability insurance of RM1,000,000.

Goverment of Malaysia certified Zynde Malaysia has complied with Islamic Law and Malavsia Halal Standard and approved by Halal Certification Panel of Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor

No, Zynde Masculine Wash is specifically formulated for men and not suitable for women’s private parts. Women have a different pH value in their intimate areas, and using a product not designed for them may cause irritation or discomfort.

Zynde Masculine Wash is specifically formulated for men’s hygiene needs. Its unique formula restores and maintains the natural pH balance of the skin, which regular soap does not.

Yes, Zynde Masculine Wash can be used on other parts of the body as well. However, it is specifically formulated for the intimate area, and it may not be as effective for other areas.

Yes, Zynde Masculine Wash is environmentally friendly. We use sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients and packaging to minimize our impact on the environment.

To maintain authenticity, please purchase Zynde Masculine Wash on our official website or at select retailers.